Bentality: "Mellow Fusion" (New Video)

"My name is Bentality. I'm an American and Finnish rapper and producer.

I have been actively releasing music and performing shows since around 2010.

My music has been featured on many European radio stations and played by many DJ's on their sets.

My music is a mixture of soulful and groovy melodies, heavy hitting drums (808's and sampled) and clever and thoughtful melodic rhyming. I like to think people can relate to a lot of my lyrics.

''Bentality EP'' + various other singles are available for free listening on most popular streaming sites (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer )

I am currently finishing up my debut album and working on the releasing plan.

I released a single two weeks ago along with a video and I have a new single/video coming out tomorrow, Friday (1.26)."


Check out Bentality's new music video for "Mellow Fusion" below- released today, January 26 !

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