Birthday Boy: Upcoming EP and New Video for "Through the Sound"

January 27, 2018




Birthday Boy is a Punk/Alternative band from Philadelphia, PA. 

Three of the four band members started playing in a hardcore band around 2010, yet have recently transitioned into other genres. . While Birthday Boy is characterized as a "Alternative Rock" band, the band is greatly influenced by heavier artists. 


Their new EP, Mercy Rule, is available for Digital Download on January 30, 2018. 

You can preorder their new EP on their Bandcamp page, or go over to the "releases" section and find Mercy Rule. 


I got a chance to check out their new video for their song "Through the Sound" off of their new EP. "Through the Sound" has a huge sound, with tasteful orchestration driving the song. The video shows the band playing in your typical practice space environment, and the camera angles and shakes that you expect with a song like this. The video is simple, and perfect for the song. 


When I headed on over to their Bandcamp, I was able to check out their new song, "Strangers"- part of their pre-release. This is by far my favorite song I've hear from their EP so far, and I can't wait to hear the new EP on the 30th. When I say I listened to it, I listened to it 10 times. "Strangers" starts out a lot more "bouncy" than "Through the Sound" did, and had a real post punk feel to it. This song explodes with emotion and raw grit, and makes you reminisce about the days where you stood in front of your boombox in your room and air guitar-ed the FUCK out of that one song that made you really fucking feel something. While some might argue this song's voice is one of a somber tone, it equally fills you with a sense of joy. 


Check out the video for their new song, "Through the Sound" below, and head over to their website to pre-order their new EP, Mercy Rule (Available January 30, 2018).





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