Review:"Please"-Grey Goes Black

"All I have I would give right now to walk out of my skin and tear apart this empty heart. " Please- Grey Goes Black

In today's review, we took a look at Grey Goes Black's song, "Please" from their March 2017 album , And Inside There Was Only Water. Grey Goes Black is an Electronic Indie Band based in New Jersey.

I like a lot of different music, but the "Indie" scene is something that I find myself "ill-informed" about. It's not that it's something that disinterests me, it's that I just don't understand the label and what makes something Indie vs. Punk, Indie vs. Ambient , etc.

What I do know is that Grey Goes Black is one of those bands that I would not be surprised makes a huge impact on the Indie scene and music scene in general. It captivates all types of listeners without feeling like you're "stuck" in a genre.

You never know what to expect when you check out new bands, but Grey Goes Black's song "Please" stuck out immediately to me. The track is ultimately what I like to call "The Panty Dropper" track of the album. It's emotional, it's cheesy, and it's incredibly catchy and captivating. Not many bands use dynamics in their recordings, and it's not always necessary, but the voice of Matt takes the reigns of dynamics and emotion making this song so easy to listen to; not to mention, Matt's voice is uniquely different in this track, different from his Chino Moreno style vocals heard elsewhere on the album- which is a good thing. Please is the track you want on your breakup playlist, and you want it close to the top, because you will be hitting the repeat button screaming "please!" while at a rainy red light. It honestly gets better on repeat.

I never know if bands are going to hate the other artists I relate them to , but I'm going to out on a limb here and say that while having their "Indie independent" sound, there are hints of artists like Coldplay and U2 similar influences in this track specifically. This track belongs on the radio, and I would not be surprised if I went into an FYE next year to hear this playing- does FYE still exist? This band has the talent and the sound to really move its audience and make a lasting impression on its listener.

Please check out Grey Goes Black and their album And Inside There Was Only Water and their whole discography at :

or go to the "Releases" section of Stanky Hampster to purchase their Cassette and Digital Album.


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