Midnight In My Mercury

Odd things have happened to me before, but this is a first, nor have I ever heard of this happening to anyone else, last night I met not one, but three doppelgängers and none of them were me. I was driving around Chicago last night and saw three co-workers I have know for years that all work the same part time job as me in a music venue. These three guys all know each other and usually dress in black. They aren’t special looking, but each have a unique facial feature that could tell them apart. One has a beard, the other is bald and the other is clean shaven.

When I saw them, I was stopped at a light on Fullerton and Halsted in Chicago a little past midnight. They were all walking together as if they had just finished a shift. Our line of work in the music business usually goes late into the night, but even being out as early as midnight is rare. I put the window down and shouted one of their names to of which I got no response to. I knew they would have recognized me because my hair is always green and I frequently post pictures of my car on Facebook to show everyone what I’m up to that day. I’m Facebook friends with all of them, but none of us are friends with me. Usually, they are quite snobby to be because we don’t do the same line of work, but they would at least know who I am or at least recognize the car, which is a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer that I plasti-dipped black, that looks murdered out, I have never seen another.

When I went home I checked the schedule and noticed I would see two out of three of them the next day. So, the next day I told them I saw them last night around midnight at the intersection. One of them lives in the area too. When I told them I saw them, not only did they both deny that they saw me, but were working somewhere else. I knew I saw them. They maybe jerks, but from their body language I could tell they weren’t lying and in fact said I might found their own doppelgängers. Usually, I thought you find your own, but I found 3 that weren’t even me.

I don’t know why this happened, but I won’t deny what I saw. It was real. Maybe they will meet themselves someday, but they all know I saw them first.

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