"Springbrooke, formed in 2017, is a band based out of Bucks County, PA. Their singalong lyrics and in-your-face melodies are the embodiment of the blue collar spirit. The band consists of Ryan Williams, Matt Amend, Trevor Scott and Sean Clement."

Springbrooke is one of those bands where you are absolutely blown away by how tight they are live. Led by "the man born in the wrong generation" Ryan Williams, Springbrooke delivers in-your-face blues and rock n' roll. It's hard to look away from Williams, for his on stage antics engages the audience in various ways as he jumps from the stage and plays in the crowd , or holds out that one high note without breaking pitch.

Williams isn't the only great aspect about this band, as the band brings so much rock and groove to the atmosphere ; basslines are silky, the solos shred, and the drums ring out the way drums should be played.

Collectively this band brings the feeling of old time Rock N' Roll while driving in some modern characteristics. This band may not be on the Top 40 list this month, but I would put them on your musical radar, as Springbrooke is bound to be part of something bigger and better.

Springbrooke is set to record their new album "Tried and True" with Daniel Malsch at Soundmine Recording Studio. "Tried and True" will be their second release after their June 2017 Self-Titled release.

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