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Based out of Denver, Colorado, Cannabis Content provides businesses and helps them with the adequate writing to best express their Cannabis endeavors.

"Cannabis Content is a marketplace designed to teach cannabis enthusiasts how to develop valuable content then sell it online. We encourage our contributors to write about the things they love and help them put value where it belongs. As a result, we harbor strong cannabis contributors in a reliable location so cannabis businesses can always find — and purchase — fresh, relevant content for their inbound marketing purposes."

"Cannabis industry jobs are ripe for the taking, and virtual cannabis industry work is both globally legal and incredibly lucrative. As an educational marketplace, Cannabis Content hopes to create solid cannabis contributors, provide real-world experience to novice and experienced writers, and promote the marijuana movement through information-rich articles all while providing cannabis businesses what they need most: exposure.Using basic SEO principles, Cannabis Content trains our contributors to produce content that will help cannabis businesses:

  • Drive traffic to their website and social media platforms

  • Build their company brand

  • Establish themselves as a leader in their field

  • Build trust within the community

  • Promote new products and ideas

  • Connect with clients and leads where they already are: online"

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