Video Review: "See Me"-The Gray Vines

Tonight we're looking at this awesome, raw, and totally rockin' band known as The Gray Vines.

"What would happen if you put Stone Temple Pilots, Weezer, and Queens of the Stone Age in a blender? Well, you get The Gray Vines. A post modern 90’s rock band from New Jersey.

Founded by Singer/Guitarist, Jake Hoffman, his love of melodic vocals and punk-rock guitar is the driving force of the band. Through the miracle of the internet, Jake connected with drummer/vocalist, Jordan Bowen and bassist/keyboard player Casey O’Connell. After easily pounding out a few songs, the trio knew there was something special.

Enlisting producer Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker,Roger Daltrey) the band hunkered down over 3 days at Shorefire Recording Studios with engineer/mixer Joseph DeMaio (Monster Magnet, Skidrow). The sessions were live, raw, and sweaty.

What they came out of it with was the EP “Obscene” which mixes Jake’s mysterious lyricism and in-your-face guitar with Casey’s love of prog and avant garde and Jordan’s classic rock influence.

With their no-nonsense live show, The Gray Vines are ready to kick Rock n’ Roll in the ass! Are you ready?"

The video starts out dark to match the piercing guitar intro- something outta a Smashing Pumpkins record, and you fuck with that. Behind the notorious intro you find yourself immersed in a protest environment, riot gear and all, blasting-what I believe to be cops- with fireworks. The video blends the themes of the marginalized vs. the "Fat Cats" with lines cutting through like "you cry when your stack is shrinking, they cry when they're dying".

The video has a a very DIY meets 90's feel, screaming with themes of revolution and political awareness.

Its a Black Flag fucks Marilyn Manson orgy.

Its short, fast, and FUCKIN' Rock N' Roll.

Check it out below, go on over to their site , and check them out live at their next show!

Sat. February 10.2017

The Meatlocker

Montclair, NJ


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