The Spins


The Spins are an Indie/Alternative rock band from Northern New Jersey consisting of Nick Coombs on rhythm guitar/vocals, Freddy Smith on drums, Jimmy Barr on lead guitar, and Luke Talmadge on bass. Formed in August of 2016, The Spins have quickly built a massive local following and become one of the most well known bands in the North Jersey/Warwick music scene with well over a thousand followers on Instagram already. After playing their first show together in August of 2016, t

hey began recording demo tracks with their friend Tim Dayon in a small studio located in Vernon, New Jersey. Upon the overwhelmingly positive reception of the first demo release on Soundcloud, the band decided to release 3 more demo tracks recorded with their new producer Tim, each finding even more positive reception than the last. Finally, the band decided to take their songs to the studio to make a professional, official record. They began recording their debut EP at Super Duper Sounds in December of 2016 into the New Year. A few months later, they released the first single of their EP, "Where I've Been", on Spotify and Itunes, followed by the second single, "Car Crash." On June 23, 2017, their debut EP, "Tank'd", was released on all Spotify, Itunes, and all other services. Since then, it has been reviewed and met with extremely positive feedback from several music blogs as well as their large and ever growing fan base.

Check out the link to their site below, and check out the song "Car Crash" as well!

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