Review: Comrades' Album "Matter of Fact"

With a band like Comrades, they sure live up to their self proclaimed, "crime, madness, ghostly anguish, poison, overheard conversations, and conspiracies littered with corpses" attitude. Is that an attitude? I think so.

Punk bands still exist and it's reasons like the album "Matter of Fact" that keep a "dying" scene alive and striving.

From the first track leading off you are already getting excited. With the famous, as I call, "Doot dat, doot doot dat" drumming in the beginning- don't quote me on that- you get that feeling of bliss while being in the pit. The first song "Paws Not Laws" delivers the aggressive in your face punk with its fun melodies and its explosive group vox, a got-damn staple in punk rock.

From there, the album transitions into the upbeat raw ska punk that everyone pretends to be dead, until we hear that ska beat. Ska is still cool, lets be honest. And you'll have fun with the tracks "Bodega Cats" and "Its a Plant Not a Crime".

The album concludes with what I like to call the "party hour". It's acoustic , its raw, and it has heart. It is the equivalent to going to the after party after spending three hours in a run down bar packed with 100 people.

This album is an easy listen and an easy add to your music library.

Please check out "Matter of Fact" on bandcamp below!.

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